“The Network Effect” — Match & Wood

VersoView Match Wood

In this series of articles our CPO, Steve Peaple, unfolds some of the opportunites that our MoUs offer with the network effect. VersoView adds value to agencies including graphic design, product design, publishing, branding, interior, and media, as well as value to their respective client bases. Match & Wood Here, we take a specific look […]

VersoView announces MoU with Prism Consult

VersoView Prism Consult

VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Prism Consult, leading UK publishing consultancy. The Prism team boasts more than one hundred years combined experience in the publishing world, and includes former senior executives of some of the UK’s largest publishing, distribution and information companies. Robert Palmer, Prism Consult Managing Director, on VersoView: “I […]

NetVRk and VersoView unveil Project EVE

Versoview Netværk

NetVRk and VersoView are pleased to unveil the first use case collaboration of their partnership, developing Education in a Virtual Environment (EVE). Project EVE combines the unparalleled user immersion, design and learning tools of social virtual reality platform, NetVRk, with the content delivery capabilities of the publishing, engagement and rewards platform, VersoView. Currently Project EVE […]

VersoView announces an MoU with Match & Wood

VersoView Match and Wood

VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Match & Wood. This Australian independently-owned media agency creates bespoke campaigns across digital, print, tv, radio and outdoor to some of Australia’s most exciting brands. Named Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters 2020, and #56 of the fastest-growing companies in Australia, Match & Wood service the brands […]

VersoView announces an MoU with Vanquish Fitness


VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Vanquish Fitness, London based apparel brand and online retailer. Founded in 2015, Vanquish Fitness is focused on delivering high quality apparel while inspiring their brand community to achieve goals with a focus on success, positivity and personal growth. Vanquish Fitness #VQFIT has become one of the fastest growing […]

VersoView and Swarm Network announce partnership

VersoView Swam

VersoView, a marketing publication solution with tokenized reward structures, is partnering with Swarm Network, a digital infrastructure network designed to support digital tokenization and the emerging digital securities economy. Swarm Network is set to release the revolutionary MySwarm application that leverages the SRC20 protocol to seamlessly create, issue, fundraise, distribute and manage digital tokens and securities. […]

VersoView and NetVRk announce partnership

VersoView Netvrk

VersoView, an engagement and rewards platform, is pleased to announce a partnership with NetVRk, the future of virtual reality engagement, education and gaming. VersoView is building the next generation of user engagement and social connectivity, and sees an opportunity to deliver an optional layer of virtual reality community to VersoView platform subscribers, by leveraging NetVRks one-of-a-kind […]

VersoView and WordProof announce partnership

VersoView Wordproof

VersoView is pleased to announce a partnership with WordProof, a global leader building a verifiable trusted web with time stamping and structured data sets for more honest SEO. VersoView is the future of how we Publish, Engage and Reward. Verifiable trust in publishing is a critical gap in the current marketplace, with content creators and […]

Morpheus.Network and VersoView leverage each others global network and announce partnership

VersoView Morpheus Network

Morpheus.Network and VersoView are delighted to announce a new partnership designed to explore business development opportunities through mutual cooperation. VersoView is building a low friction bridge between the traditional business world and blockchain technology for their client network. VersoView recognizes Morpheus.Network supply chain management technology is a natural fit for many VersoView clients, and a […]

Ferrum Network and VersoView announce expanded partnership

VersoView Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network and VersoView are pleased to announce a broad expansion of the partnership that began when VersoView first implemented Ferrum Network staking technology into the VersoRewards Staking program. VersoView continues to explore additional opportunities to further implement the best-in-class DeFi technology developed by Ferrum Network, as VersoView changes the way publishers engage and reward […]