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NetVRk and VersoView unveil Project EVE

Versoview Netværk

NetVRk and VersoView are pleased to unveil the first use case collaboration of their partnership, developing Education in a Virtual Environment (EVE). Project EVE combines the unparalleled user immersion, design and learning tools of social virtual reality platform, NetVRk, with the content delivery capabilities of the publishing, engagement and rewards platform, VersoView.

Currently Project EVE is engaged with delivering MoUs with Universities focused on developing virtual and distance learning spaces and engineering and digital design tools. Project EVE is not just the first step of the virtual education revolution that will be built on blockchain technology, it is the EVE of a new paradigm in educational engagement, gamification and rewards that will disrupt every facet of human learning.

Julian Jordan, CEO, VersoView:

“NetVRk’s social virtual reality platform is exactly what our University clients need to deliver next generation learning tools in an immersive and engaging way. Combing their design and learning tools with our content delivery, engagement and rewards capabilities creates the perfect blend of immersive distance learning with gamification.”

Mike Katseli, CEO, NetVRk:

“VersoView’s engagement and rewards platform melds perfectly with the NetVRk platform and our commitment to revolutionizing educational content for users of all ages. Social connections, engagement, rewards and gamification of education is the perfect crossroads where VersoView and NetVRk meet to deliver results for our clients.”

About NetVRk:

NetVRk is a social VR platform with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize VR with a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces built around ownership of you and your virtual space.

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