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VersoView update

“Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes it rewarding”. That pretty much sums up the last few months here at VersoView.

While we’ve been relatively quiet on TG and other channels, we’re like the classic duck with the smooth sailing on view and the legs going 19 to the dozen out of view.

We continue to enjoy collective excitement about how our phased development plan is rolling out under the stewardship of our core team. What we’ve been building, especially over the last 8-10 months, is the culmination of years of careful planning to create a rich digital platform that we know clients want, at a fraction of the price of current market options.

Breaking new ground

We’re excited about the complexities of what we are creating. VersoView is breaking new ground in many areas, especially in the sphere of Ai, where our dev teams have identified that there is no such existing code to springboard from, emphasising that no one else is even looking at this space. As a result, we are identifying possible patents to further cement our IP.

Dozens of APIs have been successfully created and integrated into the front and back-end for Android, iOS and web, and we continue to privately test and tweak. In our next phase, we will extend that testing to select individuals, corporations and existing clients, who are less familiar with the development so will come to the App with fresh eyes.

Wallet functionality

The VersoView platform has an integrated wallet, and both staking and farming have been tested and the full suite of wallet functionality will be available upon launch.

The move to marketing

As the core development gets close to this private invite testing, we have concurrently been putting energy into sales and new business development, with some key meetings taking place that have identified potential launch clients and business sectors (which are in addition to the MoUs already signed). The feedback from potential clients to the platform has been superb.

VersoView welcomed its first strategic sports and entertainment sponsorship in Indonesia with a local volleyball team – Team VersoView. Asia is part of our strategic launch and one of the territories which core team members have extensive experience in.

Our next big push will be inviting select users to help us test the platform once our current Dev Phase has been completed. Select members of our community will be invited into the next phase of private testing. If you’d like to be considered send us a Tweet on our official Twitter channel.

Stephen Peaple, CPO


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