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Q1 Platform Update

As Q1 2022 comes to a close, we are very excited to share exciting application progress updates with the VersoView community, and a sneak peak of the platform!

Closed Beta

Closed Beta continues to move along with incredible strides being made on existing technologies as well as new features being phased in, tested and moved into our production build. There have been some delays on third-party integrations, but nothing we can’t process.

Thanks to substantive feedback from the incredible companies who are currently running our beta software, we have moved well past the original functionality design of VersoView 1.0. Significant improvement has been made to existing application functionality and this test phase has led to many new and exciting additions to the VersoView platform that are currently being built out.

We expect to enter a targeted end user testing phase of our closed beta soon, and are excited to welcome our most devoted supporters to participate in this process.

Meet the Testers

We are pleased to announce that we have onboarded brands and businesses in a broad cross section of our potential use cases to properly test the platform.   

At the present time we have a global corporate airline, major banking institution, and several publications running the VersoView platform and contributing to the success of our closed beta process.

VIP NFT Beta Testers

With the minting and distribution of the VersoRewards VIP NFTs last month, we took the first step towards rewarding the engagement of our most dedicated and loyal supporters. Today, we are pleased to share the first of many benefits of these exclusive NFTs!

When the user testing of this beta opens, our NFT holders will be invited to be the first individual participants on the platform beta. This will include full access to the platform under NDAs, access to special bug bounty and airdrop incentives for testers, and exclusive early access to the live platform for user name selections, a dedicated staking pool and other perks.

What’s next?

We are hard at work to deliver the first decentralized, engage-to-earn publishing platform, and developing a complete Web3 social media platform takes time. Our developers are hard at work adding the finishing touches to the core build, while we continue to iterate and test new features and get everything ready for you, the testers!

Over the next few weeks, we look forward to introducing more of our current corporate testers to the community, and to continue to showcase additional elements and features of the platform.

We will share more details about the upcoming user testing phase, including the exclusive VersoRewards VIP NFT early access period, and we will open a special form for NFT holders to pre-register for access, with additional details on that program. Once we are fully satisfied with the user testing phase, Open Beta will begin and VersoView will be open to all.

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