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VersoView and NetVRk announce partnership

VersoView Netvrk

VersoView, an engagement and rewards platform, is pleased to announce a partnership with NetVRk, the future of virtual reality engagement, education and gaming.

VersoView is building the next generation of user engagement and social connectivity, and sees an opportunity to deliver an optional layer of virtual reality community to VersoView platform subscribers, by leveraging NetVRks one-of-a-kind VR sandbox environment and low barrier to entry, design tools.

VersoView’s educational partners especially, are seeking virtual reality solutions for engineering and CAD educational modules, as well as to overcome challenges with virtual classrooms as a result of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

NetVRk is a sandbox universe where gamers, businesses, universities, schools and communities can coexist and thrive. The VersoView platform offers NetVRk the opportunity to reach new audiences, and demonstrate the value that leveraging virtual reality technology can bring to platform subscribers.

Julian Jordan, CEO, VersoView:

“NetVRk is an incredible experience. Stunning visuals, total immersion, and intuitive design tools, make it the perfect entry point for our clients to develop a presence in a virtual environment.”

Mike Katseli, CEO, NetVRk:

“VersoView is a natural fit for NetVRk because their approach to engagement and rewards is the foundation of a successful social environment like ours. VersoView also has the potential to deliver advertising solutions, business engagement and in-world entertainment options.”

About NetVRk:

NetVRk is a social VR platform with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize VR with a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces built around ownership of you and your virtual space.




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