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VersoView and WordProof announce partnership

VersoView Wordproof

VersoView is pleased to announce a partnership with WordProof, a global leader building a verifiable trusted web with time stamping and structured data sets for more honest SEO.

VersoView is the future of how we Publish, Engage and Reward. Verifiable trust in publishing is a critical gap in the current marketplace, with content creators and publishers at the mercy of large corporate entities, whose higher page ranking mistakenly gives them credit and control of content when their sites are indexed before the content originator. VersoView has integrated the WordProof Time Machine solution to create point-of-creation hashes that are time-stamped on the blockchain to establish exactly what content was created or edited by whom, and when.

VersoView platform subscribers will have their time stamped content, output through for search engine optimization and social media integration. It allows accurate tracking of initial submissions and subsequent version changes. WordProof Time Machine will be offered to all users and can be automatically integrated within OpenView content.

This means that every change can be tracked quickly and easily, generating maximum confidence. In addition, creators who are looking to syndicate content can ensure ultimate provenance. As the world moves towards a more trusted web, the power of WordProof’s solutions will change the way users view data and content, so that a trusted web arises, an internet where content that matters is both transparent and accountable.

For our platform, WordProof’s timestamps will ensure creators get rightfully rewarded for their own creations while plagiarism is avoided. In our ecosystem this will play a vital role to keep the playing field healthy, sustainable and trusted.

Julian Jordan, CEO of VersoView:

“With twenty five years in traditional publishing, the value of WordProof’s technology was apparent right away! Our clients need this protection, and readers deserve verifiable trust in the content they interact with on the internet. Integrating WordProof with the VersoView platform was a natural fit.”

Sebastiaan van der Lans, CEO of WordProof:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with VersoView! Their track record in traditional publishing and mission to change the way the world publishes and engages around content requires trust. Through timestamping, their commitment to quality content becomes verifiable by humans, social media platforms and search engines. We are beyond excited to onboard them into the trusted web movement.”

About WordProof:

Dutch startup WordProof is on a mission to restore trust in the internet. Fraud and fake news make the Internet unreliable. WordProof’s Timestamp Ecosystem enables consumers and search engines to verify the source of the content, so that a Trusted Web arises.



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