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Morpheus.Network and VersoView leverage each others global network and announce partnership

VersoView Morpheus Network

Morpheus.Network and VersoView are delighted to announce a new partnership designed to explore business development opportunities through mutual cooperation.

VersoView is building a low friction bridge between the traditional business world and blockchain technology for their client network. VersoView recognizes Morpheus.Network supply chain management technology is a natural fit for many VersoView clients, and a natural relationship value add.

Morpheus.Network continues to expand their industry leading supply chain SaaS platform, and recognizes an opportunity to leverage VersoView’s reach into additional traditional enterprise via advertising and the VersoView platform to access new markets.

Julian Jordan, CEO, VersoView:

“With decades invested in the relationships with our clients, we want to add maximum value and educate them on the very best that blockchain has to offer their businesses. Morpheus.Network is the obvious choice for our clients to explore blockchain technology for their supply chain management needs.”

Dan Weinberger, CEO, Morpheus.Network:

“Business development is a critical focus for us, and we are excited to leverage partners like VersoView to introduce new markets through their advertising reach and introductions to clients where we can add value with our services.”

With goals of global expansion, both projects share an interest in leveraging each other’s vast networks. VersoView will promote Morpheus.Network to clients looking for supply chain management, while Morpheus.Network clients who desire improved engagement for their corporate messaging and content can leverage VersoView’s publishing and rewards ecosystem. Both projects have strong teams with long track records of success, and the future will be brighter together.

About Morpheus.Network:

The Supply Chain SaaS middleware platform seamlessly integrating legacy and emerging technologies. We optimize and automate supply chains and provide shipment and item visibility for safe and secure supply chains, saving companies time and money.

Learn more at Morpheus.Network

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