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VersoView announces an MoU with Vanquish Fitness


VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Vanquish Fitness, London based apparel brand and online retailer.

Founded in 2015, Vanquish Fitness is focused on delivering high quality apparel while inspiring their brand community to achieve goals with a focus on success, positivity and personal growth. Vanquish Fitness #VQFIT has become one of the fastest growing fitness clothing communities in the world.

Vanquish Fitness CEO, Oliver Maloney, discussing the VersoView platform, “After seeing what VersoView can deliver for our brand we are thrilled to engage VersoView when the platform is completed. Our brand is built around the amazing community of athletes who engage with the #VQFIT lifestyle, and to have a tool like VersoView to develop and reward that community is a tremendous opportunity for our company, and for our community.”

About Vanquish Fitness:

Created in 2015 by school friends Oliver Maloney and Ruben O’Brien, Vanquish Fitness is an apparel brand and online retailer, based in London. Providing fitness garments and a platform for athletes to connect, Vanquish has established a fast growing community of followers worldwide.


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