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VersoView and Swarm Network announce partnership

VersoView Swam

VersoView, a marketing publication solution with tokenized reward structures, is partnering with Swarm Network, a digital infrastructure network designed to support digital tokenization and the emerging digital securities economy.

Swarm Network is set to release the revolutionary MySwarm application that leverages the SRC20 protocol to seamlessly create, issue, fundraise, distribute and manage digital tokens and securities. Swarm Network recognizes the marketing and content delivery capabilities of VersoView and seeks to leverage these tools to deliver added value to users of the MySwarm app through a robust digital tokenization ecosystem.

VersoView is building a low friction bridge between the traditional business world and blockchain technology for their client network. VersoView recognizes Swarm Network’s MySWarm app and underlying SRC20 protocol is a powerful tool that many VersoView clients could benefit from.

Alex Moody, COO, VersoView

“VersoView is excited to explore the myriad of use cases that can be built with Swarm’s permissionless, decentralized digitization solution. The MySwarm app is robust, intuitive and offers a wide range of tokenization options to our clients beyond just the digital securitization of their businesses.”

John Gallagher, SNC (Swarm Network Council), Swarm Network

“Swarm Network is building the infrastructure to support the emerging digital securities economy and users of the Swarm Network applications could benefit from the tools available on the VersoView platform. We look forward to offering quality tools to users of the MySwarm app to drive maximum success of their digital assets.”

About Swarm Network:

Swarm is a decentralized Network or DAO, a group of persons joining to advance adoption of digital securities and security tokens. Swarm Network provides open technology to enable the creation and management of digital assets.

Swarm’s SRC20 protocol is open, permissionless, a standard allowing anyone to build on top and fully empowering the user with the ability to create and manage regulatory compliant digital assets.

Learn more about Swarm Network:




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