VersoView Blockchain Brad interview transcript

VersoView Blockchain Brad Laurie

Steve Peaple and Alex Moody (VersoView) had a great video interview with Blockchain Brad lately. We made a transcript out of this. Enjoy reading! b: Brad Lauries: Steve Peaplea: Alex Moody b — Hello it’s Brad Laurie of Blockchain Brad and today we’re speaking about all things VersoView, and to do that we have two members of the […]

VersoView Gem Collectors AMA on January 20, 2020


Telegram channel: Host: Trader Wojak Wojak: Welcome to the AMA. Really excited to host this one as I have had great convos with you beforehand already 🙂 Q1. Starting off, could you us about yourself and VersoView? Julian Jordan (CEO) Sure, thank you Trader Wojak and the @gemcollectors community for hosting us today. I’m Julian Jordan, […]