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VersoView White Paper

VersoView is pleased to announce the launch of its much-anticipated White Paper V1. 

The White Paper unfolds the gap in the digital publishing space for a low-cost, high-engagement platform built around the Blockchain with meaningful rewards.

Over two years in production, Founders Julian Jordan and Stephen Peaple worked with the entire Leadership Team and Advisory Board in its conception, drawing upon the many years of real-world and crypto experience across the fields of expertise that each member brings to VersoView. 

Beautifully designed in a magazine-style format, it employs an open and engaging tone of voice in line with the companies’ philosophy of accessibility and highlights the vast growth in ‘publishing’ beyond traditional newspapers and high-street magazines. 

Communities and rewards are one of the aspects of the VersoView ecosystem that answers the needs that are being sought, with privacy and audience data driving awareness for those publishing with VersoView. 

CPO, Steve Peaple said, “The White Paper outlines why publishing is thriving, outlines the heath of digital publishing, and the myriad benefits which VersoView offers publishers and readers within the ecosystem.

As well as ‘traditional’ publishing such as newspapers and magazines, our White Paper outlines many Use Cases such as corporations, brands, businesses, education institutions, events and individuals, and what we know they are seeking from our three decades in publishing.” 

CEO, Julian Jordan, “VersoView provides that missing, connecting piece, then adds on additional layers that encourage and build trust with community engagement, such as VersoRewards, perpetual Staking Rewards, Social Tokens, and NFTs, in a branded, subscription-based ecosystem.”

Download our White Paper from our website. 

About VersoView:

VersoView is an engage-to-earn social media platform featuring meaningful tokenized rewards.

Brands, businesses, educational partners, organizations and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

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