VersoView announces 90% token supply reduction

VersoView token

The VersoView Foundation is pleased to announced that following our comprehensive business modelling and emissions analysis, as reported to the community in our updated emissions schedule last week, we no longer need the total token supply that was projected at the start of the project, and as such, that surplus supply will be permanently reduced. […]

VersoView Tokenomics

VersoView Tokenomics

The VersoView Token ($VVT) circulating supply is currently 40,000,000 VVT with a total supply of 2,000,000,000 VVT. At the end of June, our circulating supply is estimated to be 43,800,000 VVT, primarily as a result of the rewards from the Gold staking pool. Launch to date Since the VersoView Token Generation Event (TGE) on Dec 2, […]

VersoView announces plans to bridge $VVT to Solana

VersoView Solana

VersoView is pleased to announce we are finalizing plans to bridge ERC20 $VVT tokens to SPL $wVVT token on Solana. At this time we have successfully migrated tokens to Solana via the token bridge and have a small portion of the existing circulating supply live on Solana as we continue to test integrations with […]