Industry deep dive: There’s something for everyone

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Outside of the 12-year-olds essay excuse of “and I woke up and it was all a dream”, the advertising line “there’s something for everyone” sells the user and the author short. Its prevalence does not make it any more relevant, and it tends to be used as a lazy attempt to attract ‘everyone’. An audience […]

Industry deep dive: I love click-bait

‘And now for something completely different’ This is a classic one liner from Monty Python, always delivered just before a mental story about killer cats or some obscure short. In this article our CPO, Steve Peaple, unfolds why we need to reset how we are served content — bringing together micro level big data coupled […]

Industry deep dive: Corporate publishing — can digital be first?

It used to be that the Annual Report and Accounts were THE thing that large corporations published each year. They still hold sway of course, but they are now but one of the myriad titles that are required by all manner of stakeholders and interested parties. As an example, Shell Australia’s financial publications include ‘Quarterly, […]