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Industry deep dive: There’s something for everyone

industry deep dive VersoView

Outside of the 12-year-olds essay excuse of “and I woke up and it was all a dream”, the advertising line “there’s something for everyone” sells the user and the author short. Its prevalence does not make it any more relevant, and it tends to be used as a lazy attempt to attract ‘everyone’.

An audience for any product, service or goods is never ‘everyone’.
Own a Harley Davidson and foster orphaned forest animals back to health? Been a season ticket holder to basketballs’ Philadelphia 76ers for the last 30 years, and attend a reading and sewing club every Thursday? Have a passion for rare Japanese sake and take your toddler twins snowboarding every fall? Well, it’s unlikely these three will all arrive at the same place and say, “Hey, there’s something here for me!”.

Audiences are wonderfully different with bizarre quirks and diverse interests, so you must treat them with respect and honesty.

Advertisers of goods or services have to think about what makes their proposition, brand, goods, service or location that little bit unique, and then unfold a story based on those unique characteristics. They then need to match those with audiences that will most likely engage with them.

VersoView encourages users to build their consumer profiles, anonymously, enabling readers to discover much more relevant content, both through ‘other readers also liked this’ option, and our VersoPlus AI & media-profile driven option, which uses traditional media profiling to look at a broader range of consumer habits, that would align with the user’s values.

Another layer of VersoPlus are our non-AI curators; these curated selections are drawn together from, broadly, two distinct types: pro and community. Pros might be avid professional editors, designers or photographers who can offer their industry insight into what they enjoy, while influential community members will be drawn from the varied communities inherent within VersoView; individuals or groups whose own reading lists gain traction.
Both sets of Curators seek to offer an element of surprise, insight and individual perspective, offering up titles that align with who you are, but are not obvious. Think of them as a Content Concierge.

VersoView allows publishers to see anonymous readership data, which may lead them to attract other advertisers they hadn’t originally thought to seek, or to push their story to a more refined demographic.

Consumers are increasingly looking for honesty in the brands they align with; they are looking for stories they have not heard before and can connect with. For hard copy and/or digital magazine subscriptions, they can become part of a community which aligns with their own interests, and share feedback with other like-minded souls in closed community groups.

‘Everyone’ is comprised of multiple audiences, VersoView helps to define those.

Steve Peaple, CPO

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