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A Year in Review

Dear VersoView community

From myself and all of the VersoView team, I would like to thank you one and all for your support throughout 2021. Our many achievements and milestones were made even more successful together, through your engagement and feedback.

January saw us start the year with our partnership with Ferrum; congratulations to those who joined our eight staking pools that spanned 2021. January also saw us busy with both a partnership with Morpheus Network, where we agreed to leverage our global business contacts, built up over many decades, and UREEQA where we look to integrate their core tech, to protect the creative work and rights of our publishers within the VersoView social media platform.

February was indeed busy, we developed at full pace to meet the requirements of Garuda Indonesia airline. The Asian airline performed a deep review of our technology and requested to join the Alpha launch of VersoView.

With March came a major milestone with the launch of our Alpha ahead of schedule for Garuda Indonesia airline and their more than two million monthly passengers; just let that sink in, one client and two million users of VersoView. We didn’t stop there, we announced our partnership with NetVRk, and I can announce that VersoView has a team working on the development of our VersoView metaverse land, more to be announced in 2022.

There was no slowing down in April. With no VC, public or private sale rounds of VVT, and a tremendously successful Series A round, we were able to permanently reduce the total supply of VVT tokens from two billion to two hundred million VVT.

We didn’t stop there, developing partnerships with both Vanquish Fitness, Match & Wood and further strengthened our relationship with educational institutions, through our Education in a Virtual Environment collaboration with NetVRk and our project EVE.

We also launched our VersoRewards VIP NFTs; congratulations to everyone who staked in the V1 early adopter staking pools, you will be whitelisted and receive early adopter perks at platform launch in 2022.

May saw our collaboration with Prism Consult in the UK; this collaboration is a good insight into how we plan to grow VersoView into a global platform in the shortest period. Through Prism we will reach every publisher and design agency in the UK, fast-tracking the growth of VersoView. We are currently working on similar relationships in each VersoView target country.

June and July saw us expanding our development teams in the US and Europe, overseen by our CTO and industry veteran Rohit Silva, who joined us from his position as VP, Global Head of Algorithmic Trading at Credit Suisse.

In August We launched our much anticipated, 82-page, in-depth whitepaper, which goes into the fine detail about the workings of the VersoView social media publishing platform and tokenised rewards. If you have not already read the whitepaper, I strongly encourage you to dive in.

In September and October, we were delighted to receive recognition in the form of a BUILD grant from the Polygon foundation, this is further supported by the Polygon team continuing to offer technical, integration, business development and marketing support to the VersoView team for our upcoming migration to Polygon.

Further to this exciting news, we formed a strategic partnership with industry-leading launchpad, incubator and investor network, Starter, with whom we will perform joint marketing and grow the VersoView community on Polygon.  

We round out the year with a very successful closed-beta launch of VersoView, on the internal network of Asia’s largest private bank; a strong endorsement indeed of our coding and security credentials. Not to rest on our laurels, our teams in Asia, Europe and the US are working apace for the release of the VersoView web3 social media platform in early 2022.

VersoView has been four years in the making, and we are so close to realising something that is quite unique and truly ground-breaking, I wish to thank each and every one of you in our community, for joining us on this exciting journey, and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year for our road to launch.

Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022 from all of us at VersoView.

Julian Jordan – CEO

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