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VersoView Token Migration is Here!

New DEX, new Liquidity Pools, new Staking Pools, Cross-Chain Token Bridge and more!

VersoView is pleased to announce that the much anticipated token migration to Polygon will commence the first week of January and conclude on January 3, 2022. The migration has several key steps which will be outlined below.

New Decentralized Exchange LIstings!

We are excited to reveal that VersoView has selected DFYN & Uniswap to serve as our destination chain DEXs on Polygon. With the recent deployment of Uniswap V3 on Polygon, we gain the most versatility to craft our future liquidity pools via Uniswap, while DFYN offers the community the familiarity of the original Uniswap V2 interface for swapping and farming.   

New Liquidity Pools!

As VersoView transitions to the next chapter, we believe it is necessary to transition our DEX liquidity to a stable coin pairing rather than $ETH. Following the migration transitions, VersoView will be paired with $USDC on all DEX liquidity pools and continue to be paired with $USDT on Bittrex Global.

VersoView is the engage-to-earn social media platform, a web3 solution that will appeal to non-crypto native users and our mission is to create a frictionless experience for all users. Transitioning to stable coin pairings introduces another level of stability to the VersoView ecosystem that will last in any macro market conditions.

In conjunction with these changes, we will be migrating our existing Uniswap V2 $VVT/ $ETH liquidity pool to Uniswap V3 $VVT/ $USDC on Ethereum mainchain, and launching a new Uniswap V3 $VVT/ $USDC pool on Polygon as well as a new DFYN $VVT/ $USDC pool on Polygon.

These changes will take place between January 1 and 3, and we suggest the community exercise caution while using these pools during the changes. There could be moments of high slippage while the pools are being moved and funded, so please review any trades you are executing carefully, or refrain until the process is complete.

New Staking Pools!

On January 3, 2022 at 13:00 UTC TWO new staking pools will open on Polygon!

The first staking pool, The Bridge Pool, is a standard pool that you have come to expect from VersoView over the past year. The Bridge Pool features 20,000,000 $VVT Pool Capacity, 110 day maturity, and 40% APY.

The second staking pool, The LP Builder, is a new pool type that moves us closer to the yield farming that will be available once VersoView 1.0 (Open Beta) launches. The LP Builder is a liquidity mining opportunity for the community to provide UNI-V2 liquidity on DFYN for $VVT/ $USDC, stake your LP tokens in the Unifyre contracts via our website and earn massive yields. The LP Builder features a 110 day maturity and 120% APY!  

Cross-Chain Token Bridge

The migration of tokens from Ethereum main chain to Polygon is not required, however if you wish to participate in the new staking pools, or on the platform at launch, moving tokens from Ethereum to Polygon is a necessary step.

VersoView will be launching the Cross-Chain Token Bridge, built in partnership with Ferrum Network on January 3. The bridge allows you to move back and forth between Ethereum and Polygon (and numerous other chains in the future.) 

There are small costs associated with moving tokens over the bridge, though the APYs associated with the two new staking pools may defer these costs for the community.

What about the PDO?

The Post DEX Offering is coming soon. More details will be revealed soon but you can check out more on PDO’s on our YouTube channel.

About VersoView:

VersoView is the engage-to-earn social media platform featuring meaningful tokenized rewards.

Brands, businesses, educational partners, organizations and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.
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