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VersoView platform chosen by HAIN magazine

VersoView, the engage-to-earn social media platform is excited to announce a partnership with the fresh, indie magazine, HAIN, a new title that launched in the spring of 2021, and seeks to share stories and testimonies from across the globe that share witness to the glory of God and His works on earth.

VersoView’s innovative engage-to-earn social media platform has been chosen by HAIN (Here as in Heav’n) to publish their titles digitally to their global customer base, and seamlessly convert their exiting inventory of magazine titles.

As a Pioneer Client, VersoView will use the HAIN inventory to test its AI, while HAIN and VersoView will explore the other aspects of the ecosystem already in use by alpha and beta clients for a phased launch, including the engage-to-earn social media features that will help to forge meaningful relationships for their communities.

Stephen Peaple, COO
“From a publishing perspective, HAIN is a beautifully presented, modern title with highly engaging, positive content created with a lot of love and faith. As a small, independent title, it fits beautifully within the VersoView ecosystem, which offers low-cost, high engagement opportunities in dedicated communities.”

Katelyn Kennedy, Publisher
“We believe in the importance of sharing positive news, in a creative and relevant way, to encourage and release fellow believers in the running of their race. The VersoView platform is a natural fit for HAIN as our digital publishing partner of choice for our community.”

About HAIN Publishing:

HAIN publishing aims to teach, inspire and resource the global church with encouraging content, fiery teaching and powerful truths through its engaging title.

Instagram: @hainmagazine

About VersoView:

VersoView is an engage-to-earn social media platform featuring meaningful tokenized rewards.

Brands, businesses, educational partners, organizations and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

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