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VersoView and Guppy Finance announce strategic partnership

Following the partnership with incubation and investor specialist,, and the successful awarding of a grant from the Polygon Ecosystem, VersoView is pleased to reveal another layer that is unfolding with our chain migration to Polygon, the full-stack Ethereum scaling solution with a partnership with yield optimizer, Guppy Finance on the Polygon network. 

Guppy Finance has built a staking ecosystem in which users can deposit funds and earn FRY and GUPPY tokens. Their mission is to be the leading hybrid yield optimizer on the Polygon network and ensure token holder growth through practical use, incentivized holding, and long term decentralization.

Guppy was founded to provide a safe place to earn passive yield and help support real-world initiatives. That is why Guppy Finance is the first yield farming platform on Polygon with a donation protocol built into the ecosystem – which is to help marine life and protect the world’s oceans.

Alex Moody, DOO, VersoView:

“Our migration to Polygon has opened so many doors to join a robust and thriving dapp ecosystem and our partnership with Guppy is an amazing opportunity to leverage their incredible yield farming technology to reward and incentivize the VersoView token holders!   We have so many exciting collaborations planned with the Guppy team, and we love that we get to contribute to their charitable mission in some small way as they strive to raise funds to heal and protect the oceans of Planet Earth!”  

Andreas Achleithner, Founder of Guppy Finance:

“We are very excited to partner with VersoView. Their engagement platform and marketing capabilities are exactly what we need to drive the adoption of our DeFi products and grow our community. We are pleased to be able to assist VersoView in REWARDING their community through the Guppy Finance DeFi products such as our vaults and high yield pools. Our partnership with VersoView demonstrates how the thriving Polygon ecosystem grows stronger when great companies collaborate!”

About Guppy:

Guppy Finance is a staking ecosystem in which users can deposit funds and earn $FRY and $GUPPY tokens. Its mission is to be the leading hybrid yield optimizer on the Polygon network.




About VersoView:

VersoView is an engage-to-earn social media platform featuring meaningful tokenized rewards.

Brands, businesses, educational partners, organizations and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

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