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VersoView: Month in Review Q3

As we enter the final Quarter of the year, there continues to be much that VersoView is undertaking, both behind the scenes and in the public domain, as we progress in line with our Road Map.

Here we take a look back at events, and forwards to what Q4 will unfold.

New exchange listing
The end of Q2 saw VVT list on our second exchange, the T2 KYC exchange, Bittrex Global, pairing USDT-VVT with a newly-created liquidity pool.

White Paper
The release of our White Paper, two years in the creation, was the main public release in Q3.

Founders Julian Jordan and Stephen Peaple worked with the entire Leadership Team and Advisory Board in the White Paper’s conception, drawing upon the many years of real-world and crypto experience across the fields of expertise that each member brings to VersoView.

Q3 also welcomed a huge partnership announcement with Prism Consult, the UK-based publishing consultant which employs some of the UK’s largest publishing, distribution and information companies. A long-time part of our ‘Network of Value’, Prism’s MoU with VersoView opens up potential access to an unrivalled database of their trusted publishing clients across Europe.

Staking Pools have been active elements throughout Q3, with each filling in turn, and the latest – The Holidays Pool – increasing from five to eight million and also filling. VIP NFTs are due for minting and distribution on January 1, 2022, with perpetual staking rewards integral to our ecosystem.

Beta Release
One of the most anticipated announcements to follow in Q4, is the release of our Beta. While the client is under NDA, more features of the VersoView platform will be unveiled, building upon those initial features released in our Alpha launch in March 2021 with Garuda Indonesia airlines.

We’ve been delighted to be on the radar of other media channels, with several mentions from That Martini Guy on his Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

Q4 will be one of our most active with new partnerships announced which strategically dovetail with the progressions made with our development team.

As our development cycle plays out we look forward to working with and growing our community through 2021 and beyond.

Steve Peaple, CPO.

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