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VersoView: Month in Review (March & April)

VersoView Steve Peaple

Dear VersoView community,

A lot has happened since our last update. Big, bold and building momentum.

Alpha Launch

Three months ahead of schedule, VersoView’s Alpha app launched with Garuda Indonesia’s eColours magazine. The White Label alpha offers the first look at our OpenView interface along with teasers for the engagement and rewards that are in development. Available on the web, Google Play and Apple Store, the luxury Asian airline — one of only 11 in the world to attain the five-star status — sends out eColours to more than 3 million passengers a month.

Following his sleuth work, we then caught up with Dr Gemhunter in our ongoing series of AMAs.

90% token reduction

With the Alpha complete, our team turned their attention to the number of $VVT required and — in its simplest form — we made the decision to reduce 90% of the supply. 1.8bn tokens from the initial two billion have been locked to an 0x00 address, permanently reducing the supply to 200m. Technically we locked one additional token, so our supply is now 199,999,999 with only 40m in circulation.

Staking continues, with our first unlocks (Bronze and Silver) leading into our fifth staking pool, and first of the round two staking — entitled the ’99 in ‘honour’ of our extra 1 $VVT locked — was revealed and filled shortly after.

The ’99 pool also unveiled our first VersoRewards VIP NFT — the limited-edition V1 Staking VIP ‘Early Adopter’ NFT is designated to any wallet address that completes full maturity in any of our round one AND round two staking pools. With the ’99 already filled, our community will get a final chance to secure their VIP NFT status soon.


VersoView continues to build its network of value with strategic partnerships announced with a trio of class-leading companies; WordProofNetVRk, and SWARM. We encourage our community to learn more about these partnerships and how they integrate with VersoView.


With our Alpha launched, our business development focus now moves towards MoUs — one of the paths that will lead to bulk onboarding of clients along with their hundreds, thousands, or millions of users.

Our first is with leading fitness apparel, Vanquish Fitness, who announced VersoView to their 800,000+ IG users. The second is with Match & Wood— one of Australia’s leading media agencies, offering VersoView access to their client base comprised of some of Australia’s most exciting brands.

Key hires

The highly respected and connected, Robbie Vander Ghinste joined our team as Blockchain Project Manager, with the emphasis in his role focused on marketing, business development and community support.

Finally, April saw the first of many video collaborations with Ash and Lisa from the UK’s crypto and DeFi news channel, New Kids on the Blockchain.

Our 2021 roadmap is firmly on track.

March & April of note

01–03–21 — WordProof partnership
08–03–21 — It Starts with a Story, Part III; The Community
09–03–21 — Alpha App launch with Garuda Indonesia airline
11–03–21 — NetVRk partnership
29–03–21 — Tokenomics V1 release
06–04–21 — AMA with Dr_GemHunter
12–04–21 — New Hire: Robbie Vander Ghinste
13–04–21– 90% Token supply reduction
15–04–21 — Swarm partnership
20–04–21 — VersoRewards VIP NFTs & ‘The 99’ pool
21–04–21 — Vanquish Fitness MoU signed
22–04–21 — New Kids on the Blockchain YT video
28–04–21 — Match & Wood MoU signed
30–04–21 — VersoView x NetVRk Project EVE

We have an amazing team and community and we look forward to building this into a strong relationship.

Best regards to our community

Stephen Peaple, CPO

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