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VersoView: Month in Review (February)

VersoView February

Dear VersoView community,

As our community continues to grow, and we start appearing on more radars (today we were honoured to be mentioned by Ivan on Tech) we’re officially past our soft-launch — our ’stealth mode’ — and looking forward to rounding out Q1 in very positive light.

The alpha launch is well ahead of schedule and while we won’t put a specific date on this (but don’t blink!), it will clearly establish the framework from which the VersoView ecosystem will be built upon. Publish, Engage, Reward.

Our fourth staking pool — the Community Pool — was announced in response to community wishes, and filled before the end of the term, and we are indeed planning future pools.

Our work behind the scenes allowed us to reveal strategic partnerships, building for VersoView a ‘network of value’ which Alex spoke of in the Blockchain Brad interview; Ferrum NetworkUREEQA, and Morpheus.Network are the first that we are able to announce. Each partnership offers both parties leverage as we expand our respective scopes.

Additions to our team are inevitable as we deliver on one set of milestones, continue on existing and plan future ones. So in February we we’re delighted to welcome Felix (patents), Iggy (Business Development, Asia), and Rohit Silva, who joined as CTO following 11 years as VP at Credit Suisse in NY, where he built a multi-trillion dollar trading platform, and served multiple VP roles, including VP Strategy and Digital Transformation, and VP Global Head of Architecture.

Our 2021 roadmap is firmly on track. February was a short month, but we packed it in.

February (and a bit of March ;-)) 2021
01–02–2021 New Hire: Felix Wiegandt 
05–02–2021 New community pool by popular demand
05–02–2021 New Hire: Rohit Silva 
10–02–2021 AMA Recap: The Wealth Club
11–02–2021 Community pool now open!
15–02–2021 Versoview x Ureeqa partnership 
16–02–2021 Community pool filled
16-02-2021 Blockchain Brad interview 
22-02-2021 VersoView x Ferrum expand partnership 
25-02-2021 VersoView x Morpheus.Network partnership 
26-02-2021 AMA with AMAloversclub 
01-03-2021 Solana Token Bridge 
01–03–2021 Ivan on Tech covering VersoView

Allow me to round up as Julian did a month ago. We have an amazing team and community, and we look forward to building this into a strong relationship.

Best regards to our community
Stephen Peaple, CPO

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