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VersoView, it starts with a story PART I

In a series of articles we will build the business case for VersoView. This first article is a general introduction of VersoView and explains our vision and position in the market.

Stories have been an essential part of human social life and existed long before recorded history. The telling of stories has changed immensely throughout the ages. From cave painting to printed magazines to the digital era; stories have always fascinated mankind. Although the methods have changed, the desire to tell and hear stories has remained unchanged, and still greatly impacts the way we unite and experience life.

There’s a story to tell about almost everything and everyone. From businesses, brands and products to events, hobbies, people and news; there is a story waiting to be told about everything. Nowadays you can find these stories in printed publications like magazines and books, but also in the digital environment, on websites and social media platforms in textual, audio, and audiovisual format.

The sharing of stories is a social and cultural activity. Modern technology offers a lot of opportunities for this to flourish. Still, there are major challenges to overcome, for example: the quality and trustworthiness of content, the filter bubble, fragmented social engagement, challenges regarding the monetization of communities, and privacy concerns. Additionally, from an advertising perspective it’s getting harder to reach the right audiences in an ethical and effective way.

At VersoView we believe in the power of stories. We put the story first. High-quality stories create valuable audiences, and audiences can be turned into communities. As a publisher, brand, or business, an engaged community offers high-value, monetizable, opportunities.

We believe the stories of publishers, brands, and educational partners should have easy access to the right audiences and in the right formats, offering the right instruments to build and reward a thriving community. That’s why we are building the VersoView Ecosystem: an AI-driven and blockchain-based environment, that makes the digital reader experience user-friendly, beautiful and engaging. For brands, businesses, educational partners and publishers, VersoView offers a way to host, engage and reward their communities around their content.

VersoView is a privacy-based ecosystem that uses traditional publisher demographic profiling in conjunction with web data to recommend stories, drive sales and encourage discussion and discovery. A place to create, facilitate, and reward thriving communities through stories and a place of surprise, discovery, and community.

VersoView positions itself at the intersection of content, communities and brands, with the VVT token at the heart of it all. In a series of articles we will build our case and explain the added value of VersoView, and the role of the VVT token, from different stakeholder perspectives:

VersoView is a story-first engagement platform, hosting branded DeFi economies. Be part of the story

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