VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform hosting branded DeFi ecosystems.

Brands, businesses, educational partners and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

Our VersoView application and patent pending AI web-app is the gateway through which thriving communities are created, facilitated, and rewarded.

As the lifeblood of the VersoView platform, the VersoView Token ($VVT) is the multifunctional, deflationary currency that fuels the ecosystem.

VVT is used for payments within the ecosystem and acts as a staking mechanism for minting branded Social Tokens used within communities built around publications, corporate reports, educational material, brands or product stories.

Be part of this story.​


VersoView features a proprietary publishing application which combines our AI technology and blockchain integration into a unique product.

This offers companies a new, automated process for converting their printed material to web and Android/iOS App content, building, engaging and rewarding communities, and generating revenues from products, services and advertising.

One of the key differentiators of VersoView is our patent-pending AI technology, which seamlessly converts magazines, 
corporate communications and other print and digital material into aesthetically beautiful and readable formats without the need for costly and time-consuming manual editing.

– Easy to use

– Builds communities

– Rewards and engages readers

– Generates revenues



There are limited choices when it comes to digital publishing for corporations, brands and publishers.

1. Spend thousands per year per publication, using a DIY service such as a Joomag to that produces a clumsy page-turner

2. Spend $10,000+ per publication per year and have a company such as PugPig manually convert the publication across web, android and iOS

3. Spend $1m+ to build a team and purchase Adobe Experience Manager to publish on Apple News+. VersoView changes ALL of this, for less than $100 per month.


VersoView enables subscribers to upload PDFs and digital files, and:

1. Convert to a beautiful reading experience for the end user, across web, iOS and Android. Our patent-pending AI, enables layout across all end user experiences, and enables batch processing of a company’s entire library

2. Build communities within and around the publication – think Medium meets Facebook meets Telegram

3. Digital publishers earn advertising revenue in VVT through direct ad placement based on anonymized reader profile data

4. Monitor who has read the latest story and who is taking part in the community around that publication. Corporates can monitor who has
read the latest reports integrating APIs such as DocuSign and HubSpot

5. Reward readers/staff/customer loyalty by minting and using your very own branded social token within the VersoView ecosystem

6. Paid-for reports and one-off publications can be given direct ownership with blockchain NFTs

7. Teachers can engage with students in real-time, in a community built around a book or library

The list of use cases is endless

And there’s more to come!



VersoRewards combines a cutting-edge token staking platform with the next evolution of a traditional members’ perk rewards program. The concept focuses on incentivizing platform users to hold VVT as well as to join and engage the communities built around the publications and
brands on VersoView.

None of the existing digital publishing options, as shown, offer a way of building and rewarding communities around publications.

The options currently available to communicate with and reward these communities, whether staff, dealers, students, high street magazines, or customers, are limited and outdated. The punch card/ loyalty points model driven by direct emails and text advertisements lacks scalability
and customization, and very rarely supports and integrates the brand story that the organization wishes to tell. The model is one-directional and centralized, lacking meaningful value to attract new business and readership and to engage those readers in a community which is shown to dramatically increase loyalty and revenue.

VersoView’s branded Social Tokens coupled with its $VVT reward architecture reimagines rewards.

Something more?



VersoPlus fosters engagement with subscribers using traditional media profiling coupled with user data to explore a more in-depth understanding of demographics and key drivers. We achieve this yet keep all data anonymous and private.

…and so much more!

VersoView is more than the evolution of publishing and rewards; welcome to the future of how we Publish, Engage and Reward.