25 Years Experience

The VersoView team have over 25 years’ experience publishing high end corporate titles and customer magazines, a market which is incidentally 1000 times the size of the retail market.

Magazines are thriving

The past few years have seen a shift in publishing toward the growth of niche independent publications. A 2018 report by market research firm Roy Morgan states “specialist magazines including fashion titles like Frankie, Elle and Vogue Australia, and automotive magazines, including Wheels, Street Machine and Fast Fours & Rotaries, have all recorded strong increases in their print readership over the past 12 months.”

Since indie magazines typically do not rely as heavily (or sometimes at all) on ad dollars, the titles are usually a lot pricier than their mass-market counterparts. And they are finding audiences willing to pay for their deep, insightful content.

Beyond the Page Turner

The bulk of the digital market is stuck with variations of page-turners – online ‘versions’ of print, which resort to flickable pages with paper-turning sound effects. Examples include Issuu, Yumpu, Joomag, Magzter, Mag+, PressPad, LucidPress, Instant Flipbook, and more. issuu alone states 15,000 uploads a day for it’s basic page-turner. Most of these are fairly dull and offer a poor reader experience.

There are of course some high end feature rich digital platforms such as Apple’s News+ and Adobe’s DPS (Now AEM) In 2017, Adobe shifted the DPS platform to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) which is enterprise-focused and extremely highly priced, combining content management system (CMS) with a digital asset management (DAM). Acquia is a high profile alternate to AEM, with Acquia posting a blog about the cost of both platforms; “Adobe had an “unbiased partner” create a total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) document to compare Adobe AEM vs. Acquia. The TCO document claims a typical Drupal project costs nearly 70% more than Adobe AEM, with example 3 years costs of approximately $2.4m for Adobe AEM and $4m for Drupal.”

Suffice to say this is beyond the reach of SME’s. There are, of course, a plethora of less expensive options to AEM/Acquia, such as publishing platforms Purple DS, PugPig, Mag+ and Twixl Publisher. These platforms allow large publishing departments to control their digital assets either within their own ecosphere or in conjunction with CMS heavyweights such as WoodWing, vjoon K4 and Canvasflow, which are aimed squarely at enterprises. All of these solutions require a large commitment of time and resource and there is still a not insignificant annual cost which can range from mid to high 5 figures.

Enter VersoView

Positioned firmly as a viable alternative for low, mid and even higher end users VersoView has built and will deliver a seamless ecosystem for publishers. Combining design aesthetics and UX inspired by platforms such as Medium and Wix with Analytics and insight inspired by Google and Apple, along market leading monetization and publisher revenue systems. Our price point is affordable, our metrics believable and our platform scalable. Our bespoke AI will perform much of the heavy lifting allowing publishers to monetize and drive evergreen print content and back catalogues to a growing market of consumers. Corporate users can simplify their communications deployment and readers can enjoy a feature rich ever expanding library of content at their fingertips.

We are changing digital publishing forever

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