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Felix Wiegandt joins VersoView

Felix Wiegandt VVT

VersoView welcomes Felix Wiegandt as their in-house consultant for global patent law, and technical applications.

Wiegandt’s background in patent law, together with his PhD studies in engineering, and deep understanding and passion for blockchain technologies, offers the team fresh perspective on the potential of the VersoView platform, and he brings with him key insights and experience necessary to overcome the many challenges that face start-ups disrupting global industry.

From the VersoView website:

“As a doctorate student in engineering, Felix has many years of proven experience in research, analysis and management. With two international patents under his belt, Felix understands the importance of encouraging investment in innovation. He has been active in the crypto scene for the past four years and recognizes the enormous potential within this industry.”

Felix Wiegandt’s LinkedIn profile

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